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Nathan is an avid sportsman. When he's not providing his customers with an outstanding fishing trip on Lake Hartwell, he can be found chasing ducks across the country. Nathan has been an avid waterfowl hunter for sixteen years. While Nathen grew up hunting local South Carolina lakes and swamps for waterfowl, for the last 8 years he's spent most of his time in Arkansas, Louisiana and Missouri, but his true love is hunting public timber in the Mississippi River Delta. Nathan's companion is a two year old black lab named Crockett, who is one of the prettiest dogs on the farm, and has much, or more, passion for chasing waterfowl as Nathan. After a day spent with Nathan, it's easy to see the passion he possesses for waterfowl, fishing and the great outdoors. Nathan is the epitome of a true guide. Whether guiding fisherman or hunters, Nathan strives to provide the best experience possible. He is extremely professional and personable. He's willing to go the distance and do what it takes to be successful at catching fish and killing ducks. Nathan is a pro-staff member with Elite Duck Calls. Nathan is one of the best guides I've ever seen at knowing when to call and how to call to passing waterfowl. Nathan knows the ins and outs of how to operate a duck call and loves teaching others. Sharing a blind with Nathan while he's working his calls can be music to any duck hunter ears. Nathan is also an accomplished chef who provides most of the fine dining experience here at Toney Creek. He's been a full-time guide here at Toney Creek since 2014. To find out more about Nathan or if you're interested in booking a fishing trip with him, visit
Jon Snipes and Sammy
Jon has been hunting ducks and upland game birds for 15 years. He has been guiding hunts at Toney Creek Plantation for a year now. Jon's dog is Sammy, a fox-red female lab. He enjoys hunting ducks, deer, turkey, and doves. Sammy comes with him for all of these. She can't help with the turkey hunts, but she gets so excited when she sees camo or guns that he has to bring her with him anyway and just leaves her in the truck. He enjoys being outdoors in general, and very much enjoys introducing new people to hunting. Jon previously lived on James Island and hunted ducks quite a bit along the SC coast. He has been back in the upstate region now for a few years and enjoys his hunting opportunities here also.
Seth Wilson and Avery
Seth has been hunting ducks for the past 15 years; upland game birds for 20 years. He has been taking folks hunting for 10 years; Seth is new to Toney Creek Plantation as a guide. Seth's dog is Avery. Seth has been an avid hunter since he was 8 years old. He hunts for everything from big game to upland birds to migratory birds. He hunts year round and when it's not in season he spends his time scouting. You can contact Seth at
Jacky Jackson and Roxie
Jacky grew up hunting all types of game and originally duck-hunted in swamps, without the aid of a dog. Jacky has been guiding hunts at Toney Creek Plantation now for two years. Jacky's dog is Roxie. Jacky has been hunting with a dog now for four years and has also competed in hunt test and has been successful. He enjoys watching his dog work and the groups of hunters coming in, having fun, and taking limits; especially the younger hunters.
William and Remington
William has been hunting since he was a kid. His passion is waterfowl, from the preparation for duck season to the very last day. Flooded timber in the swamp is his favorite place to hunt. William is new to Toney Creek Plantation and enjoys spending every minute he can in the duck blind with his Labrador, Remington. William also enjoys bow hunting and fishing on the coast when itís not duck season. You can contact him at
Mark Link and Dick
Mark has been hunting ducks for over 25 years and upland game for over 12 years. He has been a guiding for over 12 years and at Toney Creek since the start of the operation. Mark is married with two daughters, a US Army veteran, and an avid shooter and outdoorsman. Mark trains retrievers for hunt test, upland game and duck hunting. He's also a licensed HRC hunt test judge and enjoys judging retrievers when he's not running in the trials himself.
Shelton has been an avid hunter and outdoorsman for over 20 years. His passion for water fowl has grown over the past 10 years and has now become his preferred way to enjoy the outdoors. Shelton travels yearly to some of the best waterfowl locations in the United States. His destinations of preference is the Midwest, anywhere from Wisconsin to North Dakota. Shelton has been guiding at Toney Creek for 6 year. He also serves as Vice President of the South Carolina Waterfowl Association's Anderson chapter,dedicating his time to raising funds designed to continue to offer youth an outdoor educational experience second to none. His passion for the sport is evident in the effort he puts into the experience for each of our clients. His versatility and experience allows the client to have success regardless of their experience level. Shelton will always be accompanied by HRCH Guage,a male yellow lab with skill and drive second to none. Reguardless if you are bringing a young hunter looking for their first duck hunting experience,if your an avid hunter or seasoned hunter looking for a chance to get to enjoy waterfowl once again... Shelton will make you feel welcome and will meet your needs in one of our blinds.
Josh Evans & Deacon
Josh was born and raised in the Upstate of South Carolina. He has been an avid outdoorsman since High School, but he found his passion for duck hunting while he was a student at Clemson University. "Deacon" was born in 2021. He has a remarkable drive and loves to retrieve birds. During the off-season, Josh and his wife, Erin enjoy traveling and participating in hunt tests at various retriever clubs across the South East. Josh can be reached via e-mail at